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IPL Specialist

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Intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacials disperse the concentrated melanin that causes dark spots and hyperpigmentation across your complexion. At Daphne Panagotacos, M.D., Inc., in Westlake Village, California, Daphne Panagotacos, M.D., Stephanie Porter, DNP, and Mojan Deriss, PA-C, deliver stunning results for your skin using the Palomar Icon™ platform by Cynosure®. To find out more about how IPL works and how your skin changes after treatment, call Daphne Panagotacos, M.D., Inc., or schedule an appointment online today.


What is intense pulsed light (IPL)?

Intense pulsed light is a form of light that dermatologists often use to treat lesions and spots. Some people compare it to a laser, but it isn’t quite the same. Instead of having one concentrated light wavelength, IPL is scattered light that uses lots of wavelengths to accomplish multiple dermatological goals. 

One of the most popular procedures you can get using IPL is the IPL photofacial, which is available using the Palomar Icon™ platform by Cynosure®. The intense light flashes cause pigments in targeted regions of skin to break apart and scatter so your lymphatic system can flush out the small particles.  

What are the benefits of an IPL photofacial?

IPL photofacials specifically target heavy pigmentation and lesions that are darker than your natural skin tone. The wide range of cosmetic skin issues treatable with an IPL photofacial includes:

  • Broken capillaries
  • Rosacea
  • Discolored acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Dark spots

Beyond breaking apart concentrated pigments, IPL photofacials can stimulate and renew the growth of collagen and elastin fibers within your skin’s layers. 

Collagen is a structural protein that keeps your skin firm and diminishes over years of aging. Similarly, elastin is a structural protein that keeps your skin tight and stretchy. When you lose these proteins, your skin gets more droopy and wrinkled. 

What should I expect during my IPL photofacial?

You don’t need to anticipate any pain during an IPL photofacial, but knowing what to expect beforehand in terms of the steps and sensations of the procedure can ease any anxiety you have about it. 

When you first arrive at Daphne Panagotacos, M.D., Inc., your provider cleanses your skin and applies a cooling gel to counteract some of the heat from the light flashes. As the light hits your skin, you might notice a slight stinging or snapping sensation. These sensations are brief, and you won’t experience any discomfort once your appointment ends. 

You might notice a bit of redness or slight skin discoloration in treated areas in the days after your IPL procedure. Your skin will be back to normal, and you’ll see improvements in discoloration within three weeks of each IPL photofacial session at Daphne Panagotacos, M.D., Inc. 

Depending on your provider’s instructions, you might need to schedule a few sessions to see ideal IPL photofacial results. 

Set up your IPL photofacial consultation by calling Daphne Panagotacos, M.D., Inc., or by booking online today.