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But I am “too old” to get acne. Just pop it – your zit will be cleared in no time. Tanning is “good” for my pimples. These are just a few of the numerous myths that surround dreaded spots. But perhaps some of the most persistent myths have to do with exactly how acne forms. Understanding the cause of acne helps you to understand, how the team at Daphne I. Panagotacos, M.D. Skin Care Centre treats and even prevents and manages outbreaks, which further prevents the lasting effects of flares: scars. Here, your dermatologist team for acne treatment in Westlake Village, CA, discusses the ways you can (and cannot) develop acne. So, you know what can be done about it.

The truth about acne

At the core, acne arises when the pores and follicles through which hair grows are plugged-up with bacteria, oils, and dead skin. Acne can present itself in many different ways – from non-inflammatory whiteheads and blackheads to inflammatory pimples, cysts, and nodules. Regardless of the type of acne, the cause goes back to those plugged-up pores and hair follicles. So, anything that cannot be in some way traced back to that probably isn’t a source of your dots, spots, and bumps.

Know the (real) triggers

Any condition that causes your sebaceous glands to produce more oil can cause acne or make it look and feel worse. These habits, conditions, and factors include:

  • Puberty – Acne is associated with teens because as children mature, their bodies produce more androgen hormones, which causes the glands that make sebum to go into hyperdrive.
  • Pregnancy – Hormonal changes such as elevated progesterone levels in the first trimester can lead to oiler skin and blocked pores.
  • Use of some medications – Drugs such as oral corticosteroids and contraceptives can promote yeast in hair follicles and decrease the Sex Hormone-binding Globulin (SHBG), which aggravates acne among some women, respectively.
  • Diet – No, a penchant for fries and other greasy foods doesn’t cause zits (though grease from cooking oils can stick to and irritate the skin and block follicles). But there are some foods that researchers have found can promote excess oils, just as some foods are associated with glowing, healthy skin. Foods implicated in acne include those that are rich in refined carbs (bread and pasta made with flour, sodas, and sweeteners) and dairy products.
  • Stress – Add “acne” to the list of myriad problems caused by chronic emotional distress. Heightened stress hormones are linked to oil secretion and outbreaks, or a worsening of the condition among people who already have acne. Some researchers believe stress is the reason why so many people think chocolate is to blame for acne; during periods of anxiety, one may reach for a sweet treat as a “comfort food.”
  • Over-cleansing – For too long, patients with acne have been subject to myths that their skin is dirty, or that they lack proper hygiene. In fact, the opposite problem is true. When those with acne or who are vulnerable to it, scrub aggressively or use harsh soaps and greasy products, their skin becomes irritated, and acne ensues.
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