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Dr. P is a caring and thorough physician. She pays attention to detail and takes the time to make certain her work is at the highest level. She cares about your appearance and follow-up healing.
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Visible leg veins can be embarrassing, and sometimes uncomfortable. In most cases, these can be treated without surgery or extensive pain and downtime. Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure for the treatment of small leg veins (spider veins), and reticular veins (medium sized varicose veins). This treatment is comfortable and effective.  Within weeks, you can be wearing shorts without embarrassment!

The appearance of leg veins can occur with normal aging, though there are a number of factors, which can increase your risk. One of the most significant being your family history, many people are genetically predisposed to spider and varicose veins. Pregnancy, or occupations requiring prolonged periods of sitting or standing, can also cause or aggravate the condition.

Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure that consists of injecting a special solution, called a sclerosant, into the problematic vein. This solution irritates the vessels, causing the vein to gradually dissolve and disappear. Traditional sclerotherapy treatment used a hypertonic saline solution, which was uncomfortable, and often painful. Today, there is a better option.

We use Asclera (polidocanol), a specially formulated sclerosant that virtually eliminates discomfort. Most patients report feeling nothing at all, aside from the slight twinge of a very fine needle. Most sessions take from 45 minutes to one hour. It is a very simple and comfortable procedure, with little to no downtime. You will be able to return to most normal activates immediately, with few restrictions. You may be advised to wear compression hose, and avoid strenuous exercise, such as aerobics and jogging, for seven to fourteen days following treatment. In less than a month, you should see noticeable, beautiful results.

Nearly all spider veins and majority of varicose veins can be treated efficiently and comfortably with our Asclera sclerotherapy treatment. Depending on the size and number of veins to be treated, several sessions may be required to achieve optimal results.

What you should know about Asclera

In the past, sclerotherapy treatment was considered uncomfortable or even painful. Fortunately, today we have better solutions. Asclera is scientifically formulated for optimal comfort during and after treatment, with reliable results. It is recommended for uncomplicated spider veins and small varicose veins or reticular veins.

According to studies, about nine out of ten patients who tried Asclera were very satisfied or satisfied with treatment. This satisfaction rating was significantly higher than those treated with traditional a STS (sodium tetradecyl sulfate) formula, or those who received a placebo. Twelve weeks after the procedure, Asclera patients reported a satisfaction rating of 87 percent; while a mere 64 percent of patients treated with STS were satisfied. The procedure is safe for most people, and a session is typically completed in less than 45 minutes.

To learn more about sclerotherapy, or any other aesthetic or medical dermatology procedure, call us today at 805-379-3376 (805-379-DERM).
Dr. Daphne Panagotacos

Meet Dr. Daphne Panagotacos

Dr. Daphne Panagotacos graduated in medicine from USC Keck School of Medicine and served her dermatology residency at the Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital, in Cleveland Ohio. She is a member of the American College of Mohs Surgery, specializing in Mohs micrographic surgery. Her clinic offers a broad range of services, covering all areas of dermatology.
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Everyone at the clinic is very professional and nice. Dr. P is outstanding. She's a get in the room, hear your concerns and gets to work, great specialist!
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