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I was taken care of promptly. Dr. Panagotacos was professional yet warm and caring. She explained everything so I understood what was going on. I will definitely come back for all my skin concerns.
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IPL / PhotoFacial

PhotoFacial, also called Fotofacial or Photorejuvenation, is a cosmetic dermatologic procedure that can improve the texture, pigmentation, and overall appearance of skin. It is performed using a precision IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser, reaching the source of problems, below the skin's surface. Much gentler than laser resurfacing, this procedure is usually completed in less than one hour, with minimal discomfort or downtime. This is a popular way to restore youthful vitality, and reverse the damaging effects of sun exposure.

This procedure, like laser hair removal, is performed using the advanced Cutera system. The laser is adjustable, selectively targeting specific pigmentation, for a comfortable, customized treatment. An IPL PhotoFacial is the ideal solution to a wide range of esthetic issues:
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scarring
  • Broken capillaries
  • Rosacea
  • Discoloration
  • Sun damage
The pulses of intense light diminish the capillaries, or the elements beneath skin's surface, such as melanin, which cause dark and discolored spots. It also works to stimulate the development of healthy collagen and elastin, which provides skin with supple resilience and elasticity. Age and sun exposure are among the most common factors contributing to the breakdown of the collagen structure. The result is a more even tone and texture, with a youthful appearance.

What to expect

IPL, like many laser treatments, may cause a slight stinging sensation during the procedure. Most patients describe this as mild, comparable to a snapping rubber band. Any discomfort you may feel is temporary, there is little to no pain following treatment.

You may see some redness immediately following the procedure. In the following days, some discoloration may temporarily darken, as the affected skin is expelled from the body. Within three weeks, darkened areas should flake off or fade, and redness gradually diminishes – leaving your skin radiant and beautiful. It is safe to use cosmetic products (such as foundation and concealer) after a PhotoFacial.

Several sessions may be required to achieve optimal results.

Advanced technology for exceptional treatment

Our photofacial treatment is now better than ever, thanks to the newest ICON multi-platform system from Palomar-Cynosure. With contact cooling and a higher speed peak output, the new ICON improves patient comfort and treatment efficiency. It incorporates exclusive Skintel technology, which is the only melamine reader that is cleared by the FDA. This allows precision customization for optimal safety of all skin tones.

ICON photofacial treatment can improve many skin complaints, including:
  • Pigmentation problems, including melasma
  • Facial redness and broken capillaries
  • Acne scaring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Signs of aging
  • Poor skin texture
  • Much more!
To schedule an appointment, or learn more about how a PhotoFacial can revitalize your skin and bring back the glow of youth, call us at 805-379-3376 (805-379-DERM).
Dr. Daphne Panagotacos

Meet Dr. Daphne Panagotacos

Dr. Daphne Panagotacos graduated in medicine from USC Keck School of Medicine and served her dermatology residency at the Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital, in Cleveland Ohio. She is a member of the American College of Mohs Surgery, specializing in Mohs micrographic surgery. Her clinic offers a broad range of services, covering all areas of dermatology.
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Dr. Panagotacos has never disappointed and neither has any member of her friendly, well trained, and efficient staff. The experience is always top-notch whether dealing with the front desk, the nurse practitioners, or the physicians. I've always received excellent care and state of the art services. Office visits and follow-up provide a rare flawless experience. Highly recommend.
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