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I have been very pleased each time I visited the office in Westlake Village. My exams have been complete, the office staff is friendly & the doctors caring. I would recommend this dermatology group to my friends.
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General Dermatology

Dermatology is an amazingly diverse field of medicine as it covers the hair, nails and skin. The skin is, after all, the human body’s largest organ and is as unique as you are. We are here to help keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Our talented team of experts can care for all of your dermatologic needs. In addition to our cosmetic procedures, we provide a full range of medical services to keep your skin healthy.

A few common conditions we treat include:
  • Eczema – This very common skin condition that usually affects young children and babies, often before their first birthday, however, adults can also be affected. It is characterized by skin that is itchy, scaly, and dry. Although it is most common on the face, it can be found on other areas of the body as well. Treatment is necessary to prevent the eczema from progressing, ease the itching and pain, and to prevent infections.

  • Psoriasis – This condition is commonly identified by thick reddish patches of skin, which may have a silvery-white coating on them. It is frequently found on the elbows, knees, scalp, and lower back, but can occur anywhere. Treatment can minimize the frequency and severity of the psoriasis when it flares up and increase patient comfort.

  • Rashes – Rashes are caused by a variety of sources, frequently they are the result of an allergic reaction such as that to poison ivy or oak. Once we determine the cause of the rash Dr. Panagotacos, or a member of her team, can prescribe a treatment plan.

  • Warts – Warts are non-cancerous, but they are contagious. They can easily be spread by having a cut on your hand and sharing a hand towel with someone who has a wart on their hand. Dr. Panagotacos, or a member of her team, can remove your wart; they will recommend the best treatment for your individual needs.

Skin cancer

Considering the sunny climate of Westlake Village, skin cancer is a frequent concern and real threat for our patients. Prevention and awareness are equally important. Always wear sunscreen and lip balm with a SPF of 30 or higher. This should be done even on cloudy days and avoid late morning to early afternoon (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) sun exposure.

Awareness is vital to the early detection of skin cancer. Once a month you should conduct a skin self-exam, see our video for detailed instructions. If you see anything that is of concern, schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Melanoma can be fatal, but with early detection, it has a high cure rate. It is important to know what to look for:
  • Asymmetry – One side of the mole differs from the other side.
  • Border – This should be well defined, it should not be difficult to identify the edges of the mole.
  • Color – While most moles are reddish-brown they can be tan, white, black, or even blue; being a color other than reddish-brown is not indicative of a problem providing the mole is all one color and does not vary in shade.
  • Diameter – If you have a mole that is larger than 6mm, (about the size of a wooden pencil eraser) schedule an appointment. Melanomas can be smaller but this is another warning sign not to be ignored.
  • Evolving – A mole should not change color, size, or shape. This is another possible symptom of melanoma.
If you have a mole that exhibits one or more of the warning signs on this list, call us today at (805) 379- DERM (3376) and schedule your appointment. If you have a skin problem that is concerning you, give us a call, Dr. Panagotacos and her talented team are here to care for you. What is of concern to you is of concern to us.
Dr. Daphne Panagotacos

Meet Dr. Daphne Panagotacos

Dr. Daphne Panagotacos graduated in medicine from USC Keck School of Medicine and served her dermatology residency at the Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital, in Cleveland Ohio. She is a member of the American College of Mohs Surgery, specializing in Mohs micrographic surgery. Her clinic offers a broad range of services, covering all areas of dermatology.
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All around a wonderful experience. The staff is always super nice and efficient. You know you're in good hands with Dr. Panagotacos. Besides her professionalism. she has a heart. It’s a warm environment. I look forward to my dermatology visits. Thank you.
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