How Juvéderm® Restores Lost Facial Volume to Make You Look Years Younger

How Juvéderm® Restores Lost Facial Volume to Make You Look Years Younger

Facial aging happens so gradually you may not even notice it at first. Sure, your eyes are drawn to each new wrinkle or age spot, but the real damage to your skin happens below the superficial level. The real damage occurs to the structures that support your face, including bone and fat.

To rejuvenate your face without surgery, the team at the Daphne Panagotacos, M.D., Skin Care Center in Westlake Village, California, recommends restoring volume and recontouring your face with Juvéderm® dermal fillers. Here’s how Juvéderm can restore the facial contours of your youth.

Juvéderm replenishes hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a lubricant that your body produces plentifully when you’re young. Your body uses HA to keep your joints moving smoothly and easily. Your skin benefits from plenty of HA too, because HA retains moisture. When your skin is filled with HA, it’s plump, thick, and healthy.

Sadly, HA stores are depleted with age, and your body slows down its production, as well. Your skin becomes thinner and drier so that it can’t hold its shape as well. The reason Juvéderm creates such an immediate and striking improvement in the look and quality of your skin is that it replenishes HA as soon as we inject it.

We use Juvéderm to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, including the pesky wrinkles around your mouth that cause your lipstick to bleed. A very thin form of Juvéderm, called Volbella™, is best for fine lines such as perioral wrinkles. We use thicker forms of Juvéderm — including Juvéderm Vollure™ — to fill in and smooth deep creases and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers boost proteins

Dermal fillers stimulate your own body’s production of the proteins that support your skin — collagen and elastin. The viscousness of the injected gel creates immediate volume that can last for months. But Juvéderm injections also stimulate your body to produce more collagen and elastin. These two proteins rebuild your skin from the inside out to be firmer, stronger, and more resilient. 

Juvéderm contours and builds

You may have noticed how many A-level celebrities have high, lifted cheekbones. Even as they age, our favorite actresses and actors retain their beauty and often have a timeless quality. Their cheekbones help them do it.

Apple cheeks make you look youthful and fresh for years or decades. But if you don’t have the bone structure to support them, those apple cheeks sag over time and become jowls.

Whether your cheekbones aren’t quite as strong and high as they used to be, or if you were born with flat cheekbones, Juvéderm Voluma™ XC can help. Dr. Panagotacos injects this thick filler in select areas of your cheekbones and midface to create higher, firmer, stronger cheekbones.

She can also create more of a chin, to help give more definition to your face. A recontoured chin may also make you look more feminine.

Dermal fillers rejuvenate and plump lips

Thin lips are one of the hallmarks of aging that are so subtle we may not notice them specifically. And yet, subconsciously we understand that we’re looking at an older face simply because the lips are no longer full, plump, and ripe.

You can choose the degree of volume enhancement from the subtlest of improvements with a thin filler such as Volbella, all the way to the oomph of a celebrity-level sexy pout. We also correct asymmetries in your lips.

Restore your youthful facial volume with fillers today. Contact our team by calling our office, sending an email, or requesting an appointment online.

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