Treating sun damage with lasers in Westlake Village

Treating sun damage with lasers
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California weather allows people to spend a lot of time outside in the sun. There are many outdoor activities to participate in all year long. The winter months bring skiing and snowboarding summer offers the beach, golf, and much more. They all have one thing in common – sun damage.

Most people who spend excessive amounts of time outside soaking up the solar rays are concerned about skin cancer. This is the most dangerous result of excessive sun exposure, but it is not the only one. Premature ageing, including skin discoloration and early wrinkles, is another very common problem resulting from time spent outside.


There are a few options for treating premature wrinkles, dermal fillers being a popular choice for temporary treatment. Lasers are a permanent treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Damaged collagen is a contributing factor in the development of wrinkles. Laser treatments work by heating the upper level of the dermis and this stimulates the growth of collagen. The number of treatments a patient will require varies, depending on the extent of the damage.

Sun spots

These are flat and range from light to dark brown. The size varies but they normally are no larger than a dime and are round or oval. They are located anywhere that has had too much sun exposure. Most frequently, they are found on the face, chest, arms, or back and are the result of excess melanin.

Lasers can be used to lighten or remove these spots. This normally can be accomplished in three to five sessions that take place about one month apart. The laser will be directed at the dark area of the skin and it will emit light waves. These, in turn, target the melanin and damage the tiny veins. The veins will then be reabsorbed by the body. The spots may appear darker for up to a week after treatment, before they begin flaking off.

About laser treatments

These kinds of laser treatments typically have no downtime. Most patients will feel a momentary stinging when the laser is triggered but it quickly goes away. The most common side effect is redness at the treatment site.

Dr. Panagotacos and her staff are committed to providing Westlake Village residents with beautiful healthy skin. If time outside has resulted in sun damaged skin call Dr. Panagotacos’s office today at 805-379-3376 and schedule an appointment.


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