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When it comes to a healthy appearance, the skin of the face is one of the first things people notice. Sometimes the skin has a healthy, beautiful glow that radiates and brightens many situations. Unfortunately, the skin is also vulnerable to attack from the outside by dirt, bacteria, chemicals; it can also be attacked internally by excess oil production.

When the pores of the skin become blocked, acne is the result.

The causes of acne

Acne, also known as pimples or zits, are small red bumps that appear on, or just under, the surface of the skin. Acne is formed when the pores of the skin overproduce oil. The oil produced causes bacteria to grow and skin cells to be trapped within the pore. When the pore is unable to expel the extra oil and other build-up, the walls of the pore swell and a pimple grows.

The following conditions will aggravate acne:

  • Hormonal changes brought on by puberty, menstruation, or pregnancy
  • The use of oily products on the skin
  • Excessive sweating

Treating acne

The treatment of acne begins at home by washing the face and body once daily with a mild soap that doesn’t dry out the skin. Avoid wearing anything that holds sweat or moisture close to the skin. Avoid touching your face with your fingers, and do not attempt to pop or squeeze acne when it appears. Acne can also be treated with over the counter creams and cleansers. If the acne continues to be a problem, you should visit Dr. Panagotacos for treatment.

Preventing acne

The prevention of acne is similar to the treatment of acne; wash your face and body once per day, wash your hair to rid it of unnecessary oils.

To learn more about the causes, treatments, and preventative methods for acne, contact Dr. Daphne Panagotacos and her staff at the Skin Care Centre. Your skin is a marvellous and important part of your body, treat it with care, at home, and with the expert treatments offered by a dermatologist.

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